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Our Aims

At Oswald Road Nursery we aim to provide the highest quality care and education for all our children thereby giving them a strong foundation for their future learning. We create a safe and happy environment with motivating and enjoyable learning experiences that enable children to become confident and independent. We value the individual child and work alongside parents, carers and others to meet their needs and help every child to reach their full potential. All of your child’s achievements will be recorded in their personal ‘Learning Journey’ which you and your child will have access to throughout the year.

As part of our practice we:

PDFGlossary of Teaching Terms and Abbreviations

Nursery Staff

Occasionally, you will see other members of staff working in the Nursery. Their roles include supporting children who have English as an additional language, completing work experience placements, undergoing a vital part of their Initial Teacher Training or taking over the role of a staff member who may be out on training or other work related activities.


View our most recent Topic Web here: Topic Web- Spring 1- Nursery

Click here for the objectives covered over your child’s time in our EYFS.

PDFClick here to view the PowerPoint presentation from our EYFS Maths Workshop on Thursday 29th November 2018.

If you have any questions about our curriculum please contact our Headteacher, Deborah Howard, to pass on to the Curriculum Lead.

Settling into the Nursery

To ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery we stagger the intake of children into the nursery. Your child will have a keyworker who will be responsible for liaising with you and helping your child settle into our nursery.

Arrival and Collection of Children

Nursery doors open at 8.45am. The day starts at 9.00am and ends at 3.15pm.

Early Birds Club and Owl Club are available for before and after school care from 8.00am in the morning and 3.30 pm onwards, for which there is a fee. Please contact the school office to register for a before or after school care club.

Childcare Vouchers

Oswald Road Nursery are working in cooperation with Manchester City Council and HMRC to accept the 30 hours free childcare vouchers. To find out if you are eligible and to apply please click here.

Food and Drink

Children are provided with a carton of milk and a fruit snack daily, with an option for dental milk (with added Fluoride).

If your child requires a lunch, you will need to purchase a school dinner and this can be arranged with the school office. School dinners are cooked on the premises in our kitchen and meet the government’s nutritional standards. They also comply with dietary and religious requirements. Fresh drinking water is available to children at all times. A record is kept of any special dietary requirements or food allergies, taken from the child’s admission form. If your child is entitled to free school meals, application forms are available in the school office.

Accidents, Sickness and Medication

There is always a member of staff with a relevant First Aid Qualification on the school’s site and an ‘Up-to- Date’ First Aid Box is kept on the premises at all times. The Staff of the Nursery will keep up-to-date records on children’s health. e.g. allergies (we are a nut free school). If your child needs medication, parents/carers should complete the relevant forms. Please also see the school’s Health & Safety Policy (including administration of medicines).


In school, we follow the Letters and Sounds programme. Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills which consists of six phases which establishes a practice of high quality phonics.

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation from the EYFS Reading & Phonics workshop, which was held on Wednesday 18th October 2017.

Reading Expectations

Learning to read
Teaching our children to read and write independently will provide them with the key skills they need to access the rest of the curriculum as well as impact massively on their self-esteem and future life chances.
Being able to decode a text alone though is not enough. Children need to understand what they are reading and need to be taught key comprehension skills from an early age. This is done through comprehension activities linked to the books they are reading. We know that good readers question, check and engage with their own understanding and these are some of the skills we seek to develop. Decoding and comprehension need to be taught at the same time.
Our curriculum has a strong emphasis on learning and acquiring new vocabulary. Children need to know what words mean in order to understand what they have read. Texts are chosen carefully with this in mind so that children are exposed to a rich and wide vocabulary.

Reading at home and reading for pleasure
Most importantly of all, in all year groups, we encourage children to be reading at home every night. Sharing a book together with your child gives you the opportunity to escape into another world with your child and can be bonding and relaxing. Reading for pleasure will help develop your child’s vocabulary, communication, empathy, imagination and concentration. Whether this is sharing books by reading together (when children are in Nursery, Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 this is crucial) or beginning to read more independently, we advise that all children read for at least 10 minutes a day. Ideally, 20 minutes a day would be the most beneficial.

Reading for just 20 minutes a day = 1.8 million words a year!

Once a child is reading independently, they still need to be able to retell their texts coherently and confidently to a parent/carer using book vocabulary and answer questions about what they are reading.

Reading records
Every child is provided with a reading record/diary to record what they have been reading. It also provides an opportunity for parents/carers to comment on their child’s reading. When parents/carers sign that they have listened to their child read this indicates to teaching staff that the child is ready for new books to be sent home.

Colour bands
Different publishers use different schemes so we put our own colour stickers on the books. Please refer to the stickers that we put on to see what colour band your child is reading.

Useful Websites and Videos

Click on the links below to access fun resources to use with your child at home:

PDFRaa Raa The Noisy Lion (CBeebies show designed to help Early Years children with their language and communications skills)

PDFRaa Raa The Noisy Lion- Activity Sheet

PDFRaa Raa The Noisy Lion- top tips for parents


PDFTop Marks

PDFWoodlands Junior

PDFMaths Zone


PDFPhonics Play

Security and Child Collection

Security is our highest priority and we take all necessary steps to ensure the premises and surrounding site is secure. Main entry and exit doors are security coded. The perimeter gates are locked shortly after 9.10am and are not reopened again until 3.00pm. All staff are CRB checked before being employed by us, as are students and volunteers. For more information please see our Safeguarding Policy. Nursery staff will request a ‘pick-up password’ if anyone we don’t recognise comes to collect a child.

Fire Procedures 

Fire drills are carried out termly. When the fire alarm sounds, the children will be evacuated out of the building to their safe point. The toilets will be checked, by a staff member, for any remaining children. A headcount/register will then be taken to ensure all children and adults are accounted for. Emergency contact numbers will be available from your registration forms for us to contact you should it be necessary.