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Year 3 Stone Age Workshop

February 13, 2018 by Ellie Linton

As part of their exciting topic, ‘The Big Dig’, Year 3 took part in a fantastic workshop day led by one of our Stone Age ancestors! During this visit, the Neolithic Stone Age man arrived, as he did around 12,000 years ago, wearing his fur pelt and carrying his spears and borer as he did alongside his fellow hunter-gatherers around 10000 BC!

During the workshop the children learnt to cave paint, aim a spear and get a hands-on experience of ancient technology and skills from the Paleolithic period of the Stone Age right through to the Iron Age.

“I loved the Hunger Games.”

“I really enjoyed the Chariot racing.”

“The ‘Floor is Lava’ game was amazing!”

“I enjoyed learning about when they heated a stone and put it in their leather bag to cook their vegetables.”

“I learnt a lot of new things that day. It was really educational.”

“I enjoyed playing the first game known to mankind. I was great at it.”

“I got the chance to lay in a Bronze Age bed made of animal skins.”