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Year 2 Trip to Tatton Park

February 12, 2018 by Ellie Linton

Year 2 had a great time on their trip to Tatton Park last week! The trip links to the work that the children have been doing on the Victorians as part of their ‘Trash to Treasure’ topic.

In preparation for their visit the children dressed up as servants from the Victorian times and when they got there they spent the day carrying out chores with Ma’am to get the house ready for the arrival of Lord Egerton! Their chores included baking, scrubbing the floor, lighting the fire and making the beds.

The Year 2s learnt that in the Victorian days servants weren’t allowed to talk whilst doing their chores as they were not supposed to be seen or heard (and they gave this a good try!) During our visit they also went on a tour of the house, which took a long time to walk around because it was so big- there are 24 bedrooms!

On the tour the children saw the dining room and learnt that the huge chandelier has to be taken apart once every year to be cleaned. They also saw where Lord Egerton’s guests go dancing and the library, which has a secret door!

“I really liked the trip to Tatton Park because it was fun being a servant from the Victorian days. I am glad I’m not from the Victorian times though because it would be really hard work doing all those jobs every day and never being allowed to talk! My favourite job was scrubbing the floor and baking, even though I was so tired after we got back.”

“Tatton Park was a great trip that was led by a team of wonderful staff who were in character as servants and the lady of the house- ma’am. The staff were very convincing and even had the teachers wondering if we had gone back in time to the Victorian days! The children loved the excitement of this and it was lovely to see them so engaged.” Mrs Hickman