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Year 1 Trip to Eureka

October 15, 2018 by Ellie Linton

Year 1 visited Eureka! last week as enrichment for their topic on the human body and senses. Whilst they were there the children took part in a ‘Gross Lab’ workshop… which was really gross because they made germs, sick, poo and even scabs!!

The Year 1s then got to explore a museum called ‘All About Me’, in which they went to a hospital and had a body scan. They even got to hear a baby’s heart beat on the monitor!

Next up the children explored what it’s like at the dentist and dressed up as dentists. Finally, the budding scientists spoke to Zoom the robot, who answered lots of questions the children had about their senses.

“I liked it when we spoke to Zoom the robot because he spoke back to us.” Freya 1JJ

“I liked the Gross Lab when we made scabs because they were yucky and gross. It made me want to pick it!” Jacob 1JJ

“I liked going inside the giant mouth.” Sam 1JJ

“Eureka was such a fab trip. The children got to learn so much about the body in a practical way. Making germs, poo, sick and scabs was definitely a great experience and a brilliant way to engage with learning! Miss Jones