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Year 1 Lego Workshop

February 14, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Yesterday Year 1 took part in an exciting Lego Workshop, which links to their Geography topic for this half term- ‘Towns and Cities’. Each child built their own small part of a city out of Lego, and they then worked collaboratively as a whole year group to put their pieces together to create a complete city with lots of different buildings. Their city nearly took up the length of the school hall!!

Mrs Crolla said: “The workshop was a great chance for all Year 1 children to work on individual Lego buildings and collaborate with each other to build a Lego City. The children used their imagination and had a lot of fun creating the different sets and adding to existing buildings in the Lego City.  A great event for all children and adults!”

“I built and aeroplane and flew it down the runway!”

“I have never used Lego before and built a house with flowers.”

“It was amazing. We made a transformer car that changed into an aeroplane.”