Staff Appreciation Page: Phil Wood

This half term’s Staff Appreciation Page is dedicated to Phil Wood, who has been working as Oswald Road’s Caretaker since 1989! Here’s why we think he’s so amazing…

“Phil is just amazing! Nothing is ever too much trouble – I love how he will just get on with it (but roll his eyes at me!!) Phil has a fantastic sense of humour and such a care for our school. I think he’s amazing and I could never imagine our school without Phil.” Deborah Howard, Headteacher

“Without both the in and out of hours support of Phil most of the PTA fundraising events simply wouldn’t happen.  From opening up the building early , locking it late at night, shifting furniture, putting up decorations and his general knowledge of ALL the estate management aspects of the school – he is an absolute credit to the school and he does it all with a smile.  Words cannot express how grateful the PTA has been in the past and present for all that he does to support us.” Gaynor Armstong, PTA Chair

“If you ask Phil to fix something or transport something for you, he is always willing to help :)” Sarah Greenway, Year 2 Teacher

“Phil, thanks for being so helpful when I first came, and particularly for finding me a desk when I needed one!” Andy Wheeldon, Year 4 Teacher

“Working with Phil is a total delight, although he may not see it that way, as I constantly ask him to do all sorts of bizarre jobs, and he never fails to come up with a solution!” Sarah Nicholls, School Business Manager

“Phil is always pleasant and always has a smile in the morning! He is always willing to help with anything and is always on hand to ask advice that isn’t always work related.  We can always tell when Phil is on the corridor as he always has a whistle!” Kerry Tevlin, Finance Assistant

“I love Phil. He makes me laugh and is just a brilliant guy who always tries to help me out. I hope he never retires!” Helen Woolf, Assistant Headteacher

“Phil has been at Oswald Road longer than anyone in school. He has been a valued member of staff since 1989.  His children came here and I can remember many a time when he’d be out at the summer fair in charge of the barbecue.

He is always willing and able to do extra jobs and can be heard giving advice to people about how to do various DIY tasks.  He has a great sense of humour, loves the sun and enjoys his fishing.

He always manages to get the school looking spick and span and in the holidays he works really hard cleaning down the whole school ready for the new academic year.” Helen Wright, Office Manager

“Phil is always ready to help no matter how strange the request, from hanging another display board for me to hanging bunting at half seven in the morning, he always helps and has the tools for the job. He always has advice when I am trying to do DIY round my house. He always makes me laugh and has some great fishing stories. Phil you are amazing!! Thanks for all your help :)” Amanda Clifton, Reprographics Assistant

“The thing that amazes me about Phil is the fact that he always has an upbeat whistle as he walks into the office, even though he knows that every single time he comes in he’ll have another very random request from one of us!! I’ve never known a job he’s said he can’t do, no matter how crazy and ridiculous. We’d be completely lost without you!” Ellie Linton, Communications Manager

“Phil is absolutely fab! There in a flash as soon as a problem occurs especially when it comes to paper trimmers!!!” Jess Jones, Year 1 Teacher

“He does everything quietly and sorts you out no matter what and how hard a job is. Thanks Phil!” Saiyma Sarfraz, Teaching Assistant

“Such a lovely man, always there with a hand to lend. Very reliable and hardworking.” Khadijah Iqbal, Nursery Teacher

“Very patient when your parent’s evening runs waaaaaaay over and he’s waiting to lock up!” Jen Dyson, Year 1/2 Phase Leader

“Once changed my tyre when I had a flat in the staff car park, he did break my jack though!” Laura Tracanna, EYFS Phase Leader

“Phil has helped me over the years to set up many a new classroom. He is always willing to help. I don’t know what I’d do without Phil and his ladders!!!” Kathryn Whalley Ben Halima, Year 3 Teacher

“A great family friend who has seen all the Houghs grow up. Never a problem when asking for help. Always at hand when you need him. We have been lucky to have him at our school for this long. I don’t think he’ll ever retire because there is always a job to do.” Adam Hough, Cover Supervisor

“Phil is the sort of bloke you’d want by your side if you got stuck in a lift/got attacked by pirates/were bitten by a snake…He’s ace at everything ….. assembling furniture, carrying massive fobs of keys, brandishing a power tool, jet washing stuff and wrestling intruders (aka setting the alarm at night). Plus, he’s really helpful, funny and kind. Phil …… the MacGyver of Chorlton!” Sam Coombes, Inclusion Lead

“What a guy! Always there to help if you need him. No job is too big or too small…. and lets be honest… greatest fishing tan of all time! Thank you Phil for always helping me and for always doing so with a smile.” Jen Beech, Year 3/4 Phase Leader

“A very humble guy, always up for a laugh!  Lots of respect for you, Phil.” Ozma Ahmed, Teaching Assistant

“Phil is always happy to help and goes above and beyond – he’s even sorted out my car on more than one occasion. Much appreciated!” Natalie Gomez, Year 6 Teacher

“Phil can tell if I have a request for his services from 20 yards. He recognises that damsel in distress look and he’s always the person I look out for if I need a hand with a practical job. Thanks Phil for all the times you’ve helped me out for the good of the school.” Karen Whittick, Teaching Assistant

“Phil is always there with a smile and has really helped me on lots of occasions.” Midge Murray, Music & Performance Lead

“He is so helpful when I ask him to do something he will do it, even when he is signing out – more than a Handy Andy!  I like having a chat with him in the morning for his humour.” Rabina Ahmed, Receptionist

“He will go beyond his role to help us out. Really enjoy talking to Phil for his humour and level headedness.” Jacquie Campbell, Receptionist

“Phil is very obliging to do anything for you. He’s an all rounded, nothing is too much trouble for him!” Jacky Ball, Kitchen Supervisor



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