School in the Forest

With the support of the Governors, we’re very excited to announce that all children from Year 1
to 6 will get to enjoy the outdoor School in the Forest provision. School in the Forest is an inspirational learning experience, skilfully linking the love of outdoors with
our school curriculum, led by an experienced teacher. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the
children to fully immerse themselves in the great outdoors, offering an element of freedom
following a particularly difficult year of restrictions. Sessions will start for Year 1 from 9th June 2022 (over 6 weeks) and will take place in the Field of Os.

Your child will attend 1 session each, lasting for a full afternoon. You will be informed of
the date your child will attend. The teacher, Sarah Gillibrand has chosen settings appropriate
for age and content being covered. The children will walk to this setting with Sarah and a
member of school staff to tackle outdoor activities and challenges. Bear in mind the weather is unpredictable and you should help your child to be well prepared!

You will find below a recommended list of essentials, so that your child stays cool/warm enough
(depending on the session date), and dry and comfortable so that they are able to fully

Please also ensure your child has any necessary medication e.g. asthma inhalers in school. Your
child’s class teacher will ensure all medical needs are noted on the risk assessment and your
child has any medication with them.

Your child should wear appropriate clothing and footwear to school on their allocated date.

Please make sure you follow these recommendations and help your child to be prepared:

• WATERPROOFS: (if a rainy day)
Essential – waterproof jacket or coat. Desirable – waterproof overtrousers
If a rainy day, wellies would be ideal. Walking boots or anything that keep your children’s feet
dry on wet days would also work well. If it’s cold, warm socks are also a must!
Old trainers will work well if the weather is dry.
1. Underlayers: If it is cold, use layers of thermals if you have them (legs and body); tight tshirts; jumpers and fleeces
2. Over Layers:
If it is cold, use warm coats, gloves, scarf, hat
Old pair of long trousers/jeans to protect from thorns and nettles
Your child may want to bring a rucksack to carry their packed lunch and any other layers on
cold days.

We can’t wait to get started!

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