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New Behaviour System

June 8, 2018 by Ellie Linton

It’s the end of the first week with our new behaviour system and the prizes have been drawn for each class from the prize box! Well done to everyone that has earned a raffle ticket this week!

“The new system is better because children learn their mistakes and it will help them understand that what they have done is wrong.”

“I have two tickets! I think the new system is better because instead of getting house points and everyone cheering at the end of the week, you get a prize to look forward to. It makes me more motivated to get raffle tickets.”

“The new system is way better – you get a warning and you have to stop doing something wrong – it encourages more people to behave well.”

“I like the new system because there are ways you can get raffle ticks. Teachers are really fair about giving reflection sheets.”

“People take more seriously what they have done wrong because of the reflection sheets.”

“I like the new behaviour system. Even if you only get 2 raffle ticket you have a chance to get a prize. It has an air of mystery – you don’t know who is going to get a prize.”

“Lots of people like the surprise – they don’t know who is going to win the raffle. I think it’s a good thing getting a warning, then a second warning before you get a reflection.”

“The new system is nice, you have to try harder to be good because you want as many raffle tickets as you can…I got 5!”

“I feel excited at the end of the week because I don’t know who is going to win it because its so random.”

“I am excited to see who wins a prize”

“When I tidy up I tell the teacher so she knows.”

“When you are good you get a raffle ticket and when you are not so good you get a warning and then one more and then you have to do a reflection.”

“It’s a shame if people get a reflection but it makes them be good.”