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Lunchtime Relaunch

April 25, 2018 by Ellie Linton

We were very excited to relaunch lunchtimes at Oswald Road on Monday 23rd April! The Lunchtime Team have worked very hard to consider how to make lunchtimes more exciting and interesting for our children. As well of lots of exciting new resources, the playground has been rezoned so that there are specific areas for different types of play.

“I love all the activities because it’s so fun and exciting and it’s helping me make lots of friends!”

“We really like going in the Owl Garden to talk. It’s good to have some quiet time. There used to be people running around when people were trying to have a quiet lunchtime, so it’s good now that there are different zones where people are wanting to do the same thing as you.”

“I like the different zones because you get to do different stuff. It’s much more fun than it used to be. I like the traditional games zone because I like hula hooping and skipping.”

“I like the activity zone. I like to play tennis. It’s good because people aren’t running around and getting hurt as much.”

“Lunchtimes are really good, much better than before. I like playing in the running and chasing zone.”

“We LOVE playing with the skipping ropes and hula hoops in the traditional games zone.”

“I think lunchtimes are better now because of all the new equipment, especially in the activity zone and the traditional games zone.”

“I like the traditional games zone because of the skipping ropes.”

“I like that fact that you can hang out with your friends in the different zones. At lunchtime we used to just walk or run around but now there are lots of different types of activities to do.”