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Staff listing

Any general enquiries or information needing to be passed on are to go to This email address can also be used to request a meeting with a teacher or to pass information to the office.

If you need to get a quick message to your child’s teacher in the morning, please send it to This inbox will be checked every morning by our Communications Manager and messages will be passed to the relevant staff member.

For any concerns or complaints, please email

For school governors, please use:

For attendance related queries please call 0161 882 2680 or email

Year Group Teachers Teaching Assistants
Nursery Fiona Walker, Natalie Hickman/Josef Squire Rose Fagi-Hassan, Karen Whittick
Reception Laura Tracanna, Jen Dyson/Natalie Turton, Khadijah Iqbal/Sarah Greenway Kelly Nash, Sonia Naveed, Kassandra Simpson
Year 1 Sophie Roberts, Sian Rice, Chelsey Daley/Leanne Eldridge Ozma Ahmed, Rashmina Mullick, Samina Rizvi
Year 2 Channi Davis/Helen Savage, Hayley Craven, Rachel Day/Michelle Harley Cindy Skerritt
Year 3 Kathryn Whalley Ben Halima, Richard Farrow/Ben Caldwell, Natalie Gomez Sunni Ghandi,  Katie Hough
Year 4 Andy Wheeldon, Luke McDonagh, Emma Calerbank Kym Harman, Tracy Buckley, Seetal Kaur Singh
Year 5 Claire Cawley, Paul Salisbury, Joe Welsh/Midge Murray Yasmin Atif, Rebecca Carter
Year 6 Wendy Gibson, Kat Rowe, Farah Saleem Lynne Lowe, Eddie Carey, Gill Borkin

TAs working across Years 1-4- Chris Hearnshaw, Shirley Jones, Laura Taylor, Louise Trundle

Cover Supervisors-  Joe Squire & Christian Burton

Midge Murray – Music PPA support

Nicky Appleby- Arts PPA support

Keiran Bentley- PE PPA Support


Senior Leadership Team

Deborah Howard – Headteacher 

Helen Woolf – Deputy Headteacher (Inclusion)

Donna Wealleans – Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)

Kat Rowe- Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning and Curriculum

Laura Tracanna- Assistant Headteacher- EYFS

Jen Beech- Assistant Headteacher- Lower KS2

Richard Farrow- Assistant Headteacher- Years 1-4 (maternity cover)

Craig Taylor– School Business Manager

Ellie Linton- Communications & Marketing Manager (maternity leave from June 2021-June 2022)

Learning Support Staff

Helen Woolf – Deputy Headteacher (Inclusion)

Donna Wealleans – Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral)

Sam Barrett – Operational Inclusion Lead

Amanda Clifton- Pastoral and Support Manager

Rashmina Mullick- SEND TA

Ozma Ahmed- SEND TA

Tracey Buckley- SEND TA

Kym Harman- SEND TA

Rebecca Carter- SEND TA

Seetal Kaur Singh- SEND TA

Yasmin Atif- SEND TA

Cindy Skerritt- SEND TA

Katie Hough- SEND TA

Eddie Carey- SEND TA

Sunni Ghandi- SEND TA

Gill Borkin- SEND TA

Teresa Regan- Link Educational Psychologist

Helen Adkins- Link Speech and Language Therapist (1 hr per week)

Diane Moat- Specialist SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulty) Teacher (1 hr per week)

Susan Ravlic- Attendance Officer

Tammy Brett- Counsellor (one afternoon per week)

Jenny Dubowitz – Trainee Play Therapist (one afternoon per week)

Office Team

Craig Taylor – School Business Manager
Christina Lydon – Communications and Marketing Manager
Susan Ravlic– Attendance Administrator
Helen Allsop – Admissions Assistant
Chloe Ball – Finance Assistant

We have a cleaning team which is led by Phil Wood (Caretaker). All cleaning staff wear a red branded polo shirt.

We have a large Lunchtime Organiser team which is overseen by Wendy Gibson. All Lunchtime Organisers wear a red branded tabard.