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Community Hero Award

July 18, 2018 by Ellie Linton

This term’s Community Hero Award goes to Grandma Sue and Noori, who come in from Chorlton Good Neighbours to help out in Year 1 every Wednesday morning.


“I love Grandma Sue and Noori! They come to our class when Mrs Murray is with us and we do music.” Chloe 1JJ


“I like them because they tell us stories about singing and they join in the songs with us together!” Sylvie 1SE


“Sometimes they help us with our work, like when we made the Earth and the sun in art. They are kind and helpful to us.” Alima 1SE


“They help us to do the songs and the drums. Grandma Sue used to come to this school and she tells us stories about when she was little like us.” Joel 1SE


“They help us a lot with music and art. Grandma Sue showed us a picture of her when she was in Year 6 at this school. It was a long, long time ago, when it was called Class 6.” Daniel 1JJ


“They help us remember what colour things are in art. In music they join in with the songs. I like singing with them.” Solayyman 1JJ


“I like Noori because he helps us and tells us nice art ideas. He is very kind and cheerful. Grandma Sue is a very nice lady, she helps us with art work and music sometimes.” Wilbur 1HC


“I like Noori because he is very much and he helps us with art work. Grandma Sue is very nice too and she is caring and she has kindness.” Kushveer 1HC


“Noori is always happy to get stuck in with whatever we are doing in art that week. He’s just great!” Nicky Appleby, Art Lead


“We love having Noori and Sue helping us.  They muck in with the children and help us too!  The children really look forward to seeing them and we really appreciate everything they do.  They are always happy and patient and kind.  Thank you Noori and Grandma Sue!” Midge Murray, Music & Performance Lead