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Under the Sea…

June 6, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Year 2 had a great time at the Sealife Centre last term, which they visited as part of their work on their ‘Under the Sea’ topic. The busy day of activities included a turtle beach show, a habitats workshop, and a walk through the shark tunnel. The children also had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Octonauts’ trail, before handling some real life starfish and crabs!

“It was brilliant! The best trip ever!”

“I loved looking at all the fish and putting my head in the tank!”

“I liked it when the sharks and Ernie the turtle swam over us in the tunnel. I was a bit scared at first but then liked looking at their bellies.”

“I was so excited to meet Kwazii from Octonauts!”

“I have never touched a starfish before. It felt smooth and wet!”