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Transition Back to School After Lockdown

We understand that the school closures will create some levels of anxiety around transition, and we have therefore put this page together to collate useful resources to help prepare your child for their return to school after lockdown.

CAMHS Support Documents

Back to School- A Guide for Younger Children

Back to School or College- A Guide for Young People

Returning to School and Coronavirus- NSPCC

Back to School- A Guide for Parents

CAMHS Covid-19 Parent/Carer Support Plan

General Resources

Going Back to School- Childline

Return to School Countdown- Activities and Advice

Recognising and Responding to Anxiety- Trauma Informed Schools UK

Day-to-day Self-Care- Manchester Healthy Schools

On My Mind – Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources for Young People (Anna Freud Centre)

Barnardo’s See, Hear, Respond Helpline for families struggling with impacts of Covid-19

CAMHS Resources– general website with a variety of different resources

Information and Resources from the Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition

Helping Children & Young People to Manage Anxiety

7 ways to help support children and young people who are worried

Looking after each other and ourselves

‘Good Days in Unusual Times’ children’s book

‘How many positives’ resilience activity

Trauma UK- Preparing your child for their first day back at school

Video- Coming back to school in a bubble

Back to school resource pack

4 simple things to help children readjust to school

Rebuild and Recover with Mentally Healthy Schools

Learning Resources

White Rose Maths- summer learning resources

SEN Specific Resources

Worries Board

Supporting Transitions for Autistic Pupils

Social Story- How can I be safe in school

Social Story- What is a school ‘bubble’

Our day at home

My lockdown experience

School keyring symbols

Social story- Going for a walk is a safe thing to do

Social story- schools are reopening

About my feelings

Top Tips for Playful Parenting

Play: Mental Health & Wellbeing

Play in Crisis: Support for Parents/Carers

Supporting Children and Families to Play and Learn at Home

BBC Tiny Happy People- developing your child’s speech, language and communcation skills