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Super Learning Week

During the week commencing Monday 14th October children in Years 1-6 got their thinking and investigation caps on for a week celebrating all things science! Super Learning Science Week kicked off with an assembly, in which Science Lead Mr Wheeldon spoke to the children about famous scientists from history, before showing them how to make ‘elephant toothpaste’ by mixing potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide!

The children got into character for their week of experiments by coming into school dressed as various people who use science in their job, such as doctors, zoologists and vets. They then spent the week visiting different classes around school to carry out a whole host of exciting experiments, which touched on areas such as engineering, chemistry, physics and even computer coding.

A very big thank you to all of the parents and carers that volunteered to come into class to speak about how they use science in their job. The children loved to hear all the different ways that the skills they have been
learning in class can be used when they are grown up!

“My favourite thing was doing our class experiment- we made rainbow fizz! We used vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring.” Jaya 2KK

“I liked it when we did the fingerprints. We put paint on our fingers and pressed it onto paper to show our fingerprints. Detectives use fingerprints
because everyone’s fingerprints are different. When we were in Mr Farrow’s classroom we were learning all about senses- we took away our sight with a blindfold and tried to draw and build things.” Charlie 2KK

“I enjoyed the friction experiment. We had a car and different platforms- one was leather, one was on sandpaper- the car went furthest on the
platform made of sandpaper because with other things like the wool and the leather it sunk down a bit into the platform so it couldn’t travel as fast.
We also experimented to see if putting different weights on the car made it go faster or slower.” Woody 3KB

“I liked it when we had to use a magnet and a coin to drag the coin along a race track. The trick was to keep the coin securely on the magnet by
keeping the magnet directly underneath the coin.” Inayah 3KB

“I enjoyed the racing track experiment with the magnets, it was really fun. I learnt that the magnetic force is strong enough to pull through paper.” Luca 4AW

“My favourite experiment was when we were making structures out of marshmallow and pasta, because I like building things. It was interesting
to see how so little marshmallow and pasta could make a pretty sturdy structure! We found that the bigger the model, the stronger it was.” Bonita 4AW

“I enjoyed all of the experiments, they were really fun! I also really liked the
assembly when Mr Wheeldon made elephant toothpaste!” Eva 5CC

“I like the way we got to do lots of different classes and do all different
experiments. My favourite was building the marshmallow towers!” Sylvie 5CC

“My favourite experiment was the one we did with Mrs Gibson when we had to try and make the tallest tower using marshmallows and spaghetti, because my team won! The trick was to make it really stable at the base so it didn’t fall over as you made it taller.” Keira 6WG

“My favourite bit about Science Week was when we were doing ICT and we
had to crack the code in the game. One of the games was broken and we had to use coding skills to fix it.” Katelynn 6WG

“I liked it when Mr Wheeldon made elephant toothpaste in assembly! I
also liked it when we made rainbow fizz out of vinegar and this white sugary looking stuff [bicarbonate of soda] and food colouring- I chose blue, purple, red, orange and yellow! It fizzed when we put the powder on it.” Florence 1SR

“I enjoyed doing the fingerprints. We put our finger on some paint then onto the paper. Everybody has different fingerprints. Batman uses
his fingerprints to open his cupboard where he keeps his costumes!” Gethin

Photos from Super Learning Maths Week 2018