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Staff Appreciation Page: Miss Rowe

June 29, 2017 by Ellie Linton

At Oswald Road we are extremely lucky to have such wonderful staff; from teachers, to TAs, lunchtime organisers, cleaners, office staff and many more. We wanted to do something special to show our appreciation for what they do for our school, and also share with you an insight into their commitment to our gorgeous children and community. This will be the first of many staff appreciation editions, we hope you enjoy reading them!


Kat Rowe

We asked our school community to share their thoughts with you about the incredible Miss Rowe;

“A few years ago, on my second day at Oswald Road, a huge chocolate bar appeared on my desk. A small brightly coloured note was attached which read: ‘Welcome! If you need ANYTHING, I’m here anytime. Kat’

“That simple note says so much about this brilliant teacher and colleague. Her dedication to going above and beyond for our children and the exceptional level of pastoral care she provides have such a phenomenal impact on our school community. In the last two weeks alone Kat has happily supported our staff and children all weekend at Kingswood and at the Manchester Day Parade. I watched on Sunday as she gently calmed the ‘performance nerves’ of both staff and children with her kind nature and brilliant one liners, and remembered the words on the note she had left me that day.

“I had the privilege of working this year with a class who had previously been taught by Miss Rowe. The smile on their faces when they talk about her and the things they got to experience whilst in her care says so much about her impact. Kat’s love of literature (and chocolate!) is infectious with the children. She inspires such a love of reading, amongst many other things. Our community is so lucky to have her. Thank you Miss Rowe!”- Mrs Wealleans

“Kat is the most phenomenal teacher and person. I watch her in awe on a daily basis. She fights for what she believes in and places the children at the heart of all she does. She is a great ambassador for our staff and looks out for them in such a caring manner. I just think she’s amazing and know we are just so lucky to have her!”- Mrs Howard

“Miss Rowe is very creative, and she knows what we’re thinking. My best memory was when she comforted me after the SATs.”- Lindy Brown

“Miss Rowe is strict, but fun at the same time. She disciplines us when she needs to, but also gives us the freedom to have fun. My best memory was when she went on the 3G swing at Kingswood. We made her dab and she actually did it, it was so funny!”- Amara Steadman-Adamson

“Miss Rowe is very thoughtful. If we do lots of hard work in one day she’ll let us finish with something relaxing, like watching Newsround or reading a book. She’s thoughtful of our opinions and she tries to make everything fun. My best memory is when she helped us with caving at Kingswood, because some people were scared and she comforted us.”- Albaraa Saigh

“I had Miss Rowe last year in Year 4. She’s really fair and kind. If there’s every a problem she can always fix it. I remember feeling worried about Sports Day and starting swimming last year and she made me feel better.”- Hannah Lee

“My son Hashim always says she’s the best teacher he’s ever had because she’s always fun and she never gets cross. He’s really enjoyed Year 6 this year, despite me thinking it would be his toughest year.”- Rose Fagi-Hassan

“The governors are extremely proud that outstanding practitioners like Miss Rowe choose to teach at Oswald Road. Miss Rowe has an unshakeable, selfless dedication to teaching our children and guiding colleagues through their crucial early years as teaching professionals.”- Richard Price, Chair of Governors

Watch out on social media for our upcoming ‘Oswald Road Primary School Local Heroes’. We will be presenting this special recognition certificate to members of our local community who do such an amazing job. If you would like to nominate a local hero please contact or Communications Manager, Ellie Linton.