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Staff Appreciation Page: Leanne Eldridge

November 3, 2017 by Ellie Linton

This month’s staff appreciation page is dedicated to Year 1 teacher Mrs Eldridge. Here’s why we love her so much…

“Mrs Eldridge is really kind. She gives us time to do things. She’s just really nice. I liked doing Forest Crew with her.” Freya Bullock 5CD

“We have lots of fun with Mrs Eldridge. If you do all your work she lets you do whatever you want. She’s a really good teacher because she gets people involved in English and maths.” Oscar Gascoine 4MQ

“Mrs Eldridge is nice. I like her because she is always nice to people. She lets us draw. I really like maths because she makes it fun!” Arwa Ahmed 1SE

“The thing I like about Mrs Eldridge is when we do maths. She lets us have free time. I like when we do exercise. Every morning I give her a big cuddle.” Kingsley Bruin 1SE

“Leanne, you are such a fantastic teacher. You are skilled, knowledgeable and an absolute natural! You are so kind and caring and nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you so much for all you do for our children and our school.” Deborah Howard, Headteacher

“Leanne, it is an absolute pleasure to work with someone who is so kind and focussed purely on what is best for our children. You go above and beyond and we are so grateful to have you in our Oswald Road team.” Donna Wealleans, Assistant Headteacher

“Mrs Eldridge is very intuitive. She picked up on my daughter’s dyslexia as soon as she moved to the school in Year 3 and put things in place straight away.” Parent of a Year 5 child

“Leanne is really good to work with. She is supportive and a right laugh! Wow, just wow.” Nina D’Silva, Teaching Assistant

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Leanne last year! She is so organised, thorough and dedicated and any child lucky enough to be in her class is sure to flourish!” Kelly Grant, Year 3 Teacher

“Leanne is an amazing member of the Year 1 team. She has a personal commitment to quality ensuring that the children receive the best opportunities for learning. Working with her and seeing her positive attitude is contagious. She always has a smile on her face which lights up our classroom!” Satnam Singh, Year 1 Teacher

“Leanne is a fantastic, creative teacher with excellent ideas on how to hook our children into their learning. She is a pleasure to work with because she is always smiling, cracking jokes and will do anything to help you.” Channi Davis, Year 5 Teacher