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Resources for Speaking About Traumatic Events

May 24, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Following the horrific events in Manchester on Monday evening, we have collected some resources for parents and carers to use when speaking to their children about any worries they may have.

PDFTalking to Children about Terrorism

PDFAdvice if You’re Upset by the News– this is an article from CBBC’s Newsround specifically aimed at children

PDFComing to terms with a traumatic or frightening event: A guide for young people, parents and carers

PDFSupporting Children Worried About Terrorism

Each classroom has got an ‘Ask It Basket’, in which the children can write down any concerns or questions they might have relating to the attack, or terrorist incidents in general.

All of our staff have been made aware of sensitive language that needs to be used when answering questions about the incident (eg. explosion instead of bomb, and terrorist incident instead of terrorist attack). 

We have also been given the contact details of One Education’s Educational Psychologist, who is on hand should we need to seek specific advice.

Finally, I would like to add a personal note to say how proud I am of the way our school has shown its community strength in the face of such a horrific incident. Going around the school on Tuesday morning it was so heartwarming to see the children, parents and staff showing such fantastic support for each other on what has been a very upsetting day for all.

Deborah Howard