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School Letters

Please find our school letters below, which have been archived according to the month they were sent out in.

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Academic Year 2020/21


PDF St John’s Camping Trip Update

PDF New Teacher Letter

PDF St John’s Camping Trip

PDF Year 6 Assembly Zoom Details

PDF Important Letter from Chair of Governors


PDF British Values Day

PDF Year 6 Kingswood Residential

PDF Sports Day KS1

PDF EYFS Sports Day

PDF Cook Book Competition

 PDF Year 5 Taster Experience

PDF PTA Summer Fair Date Change

PDF Music Lessons


PDF 26.5.21 School Streets- Monday 14th June

PDF26.5.21 Important New Covid Guidance

PDF24.5.21 Communications Manager Maternity Cover

PDF24.5.21 Scholastic Book Club

PDF18.5.21 Important Covid-19 Reminders

PDF18.5.21 School Streets Reminder- Friday 21st May

PDF18.5.21 Afterschool Sports Clubs

PDF11.5.21 Social Media and Keeping your Child Safe

PDF11.5.21 Summer Themed Celebration Lunch- Nursery & KS2

PDF11.5.21 Summer Themed Celebration Lunch- UFSM

PDF11.5.21 Eid Celebrations in School

PDF10.5.21 Year 5 Longford Park Visits

PDF7.5.21 Hoot Camp- Half Term and Summer Holidays

PDF7.5.21 Health PSHE Questionnaire

PDF6.5.21 Year 6 Trip to Gulliver’s World

PDFYear 6 Leavers Celebrations 


PDF29.4.21 Our Streets Chorlton- Parent Travel to School Survey

PDF28.4.21 School Streets- Road Closure

PDF26.4.21 Arrangements for Polling Day

PDF22.4.21 Further Clarification on Lateral Flow Tests

PDF21.4.21 Targetted Learning Model

PDF2.4.21 Change in Guidance on Lateral Flow Tests

PDF1.4.21 NSPCC Sexual Abuse Helpline


PDF31.3.21 IMPORTANT- Lateral Flow Tests

PDF30.3.21 Pastoral Update- Easter Holidays

PDF31.3.21 Fasting for Ramadan

PDF30.3.21 Update on Year 6 Residential

PDF24.3.21 Year 4 Swimming

PDFMCRactive Swimming 2020-21 

PDF24.3.21 Court Orders, Care Orders, Special Guardianship Orders & Private Fostering Agreements

PDF24.3.21 Year 6 Transition to High School

PDF18.3.21 Medical Appointments

PDF18.3.21 Why Attendance Matters

PDFManchester City Council Attendance Letter

PDF16.3.21 Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

PDF16.3.21 Oswald Road Cookbook

PDF15.3.21 Parents Evening

PDF11.3.21 Comic Relief- Pyjama Day

PDF11.3.21 Hoot Camp- Easter Holidays

PDF10.3.21 Virtual Parent Forum

PDF9.3.21 School Bike Sheds

PDF9.3.21 Safeguarding Pupil Voice

PDF8.3.21 Parent Parking Warden Volunteers

PDF8.3.21 Lateral Flow Testing for Families


PDF4.9.20 Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

PDF9.9.20 Nursery Welcome letter and reminders

Academic Year 2019/20


PDFStarting School in September- letter for new Nursery and Reception parents

PDFFull School Reopening- How will it work

PDF16.7.20 Learning Support Drop-Ins


PDF29.6.20 Teaching Staffing – Academic Year 20-21


PDF16.3.20 Coronavirus Update

PDF9.3.20 Robinwood Dates

PDF9.3.20 Learning Support Drop-Ins

PDF9.3.20 Year 2 SATs Parent Meeting

PDF9.3.20 Year 6 Climate Change Protest in Chorlton

PDF6.3.20 Reception Stay & Play

PDF6.3.20 Nursery Stay & Play

PDFMultiplication Tables Checks- Year 4

PDF4.3.20 Evening Open Forum

PDF2.3.20 Reception Mini First Aid Class


PDF27.2.20 Reception After School Sports Club

PDF25.2.20 Year 5 Rainforest Workshop

PDF26.2.20 Nursery Longford Park Visit

PDF24.2.20 Year 6 SATs Meeting

PDF24.2.20 Year 6 First Aid Training

PDF24.2.20 After School Sports Clubs

PDF14.2.20 Parents Evening- 2SH

PDF14.2.20 World Book Day

PDF14.2.20 Year 2 African Drumming Workshop

PDF14.2.20 Parents Evening- 2SH

PDF7.2.20 Parents Evening- FS2NT

PDF5.2.20 Staffing in 2SH

PDF5.2.20 Year 6 Coding Club for Girls


PDF31.1.20 Year 4 Orienteering Trip

PDF29.1.20 Library Visit for Nursery

PDF29.1.20 Buzz Manchester Meetings

PDF28.1.20 Donations for Year 1 Playground

PDF24.1.20 Year 4 Saxon Workshop

PDFLowry Photo Consent Form (1HC only)

PDF24.1.20 Year 1 Lowry Trip- Photo Consent  (1HC only)

PDF23.1.20 Reception Stay & Play

PDF23.1.20 Nursery Stay & Play

PDF23.1.20 Year 2 Church Visit – Easter Experience

PDF22.1.20 Year 5 Trip to Manchester Art Gallery

PDF22.1.20 Year 1 Wonderdome Planetarium Workshop

PDF15.1.20 Parent Governor Election- Nomination Form

PDF15.1.20 Parent Governor Election- Notice of Election

PDF15.1.20 School Governing Body – Parent Governor Election

PDF15.1.20 4AW Trip to Central Library

PDF13.1.20 Additional Reading Volunteers

PDF13.1.20 Cultural Diversity Celebration Day

PDF8.1.20 Year 4 & 5 ‘Lego WeDo’ Club

PDF8.1.20 Parents Evening- Year 6

PDF8.1.20 Stay & Read Thursdays (Nursery)

PDF7.1.20 Year 1 Trip to the Lowry


PDF17.12.19 Year 6 Residential Trip 2020

PDF17.12.19 Movie Night Themed Celebration Lunch- Nursery, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6

PDF17.12.19 Movie Night Themed Celebration Lunch- Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

PDF16.12.19 Year 1 Showcase Event

PDFClass Assemblies- Spring Term

PDF12.12.19 Reception Trip to ‘Imagine That’

PDF12.12.19 Reception Christmas Party Day

PDF12.12.19 After School Sports Clubs

PDFWe Are Adventurers Letter

PDFMarvellous Maths Club Letter

PDFFrench Club Letter

PDFClubs Flyer Spring Term 2019-20

PDF10.12.19 Year 5 Ryebank Field Visit

PDF10.12.19 Pupil Premium for Previously Looked After Children & Young People (whole school)

PDF9.12.19 Learning Support Drop-Ins

PDF6.12.19 Auction of Promises Games, Pop and Crisps Café- 4BC

PDF5.12.19 Auction of Promises Christmas Movie Night- FS2LT

PDF5.12.19 Auction of Promises Prize- 6NG

PDF5.12.19 Auction of Promises Prize- 5JB

PDF2.12.19 Christmas Jumper Day



PDF28.11.19 Mermaid and Pirate Party- 2RF & FS2LT

PDF27.11.19 Auction of Promises Prize- 4LM

PDF26.11.19 Year 6 Watching ‘Coraline’

PDF21.11.19 Auction of Promises Movie Night- 3WD

PDF21.11.19 Parking Outside School

PDF20.11.19 Staffing in Early Years

PDF20.11.19 Nursery Stay & Play

PDF20.11.19 Reception Stay & Play

PDF20.11.19 Change to End of Day Arrangements (KS2)

PDF18.11.19 Christmas Performances Years 1-6

PDF18.11.19 Christmas Performances- Nursery & Reception

PDF14.11.19 Year 3 Visit to the Dewa Roman Experience

PDF12.11.19 World Children’s Day

PDF12.11.19 Open Parent Forum

PDF12.11.19 Reception Maths Workshop

PDF12.11.19 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Pantomime (Reception & Year 1)

PDF11.11.19 Reception Library Visit

PDF8.11.19 Year 6 Trip to the People’s History Museum DATE CHANGED FROM 25.11.19 TO 16.12.19

PDF7.11.19 Christmas Dinner- Friday 13th December

PDF7.11.19 Parents Evening Logistics

PDF7.11.19 Year 4 Chess Club

PDF7.11.19 Year 4 Trip to ‘The Beatles Story’

PDF7.11.19 Oswald Road Sketchbook Project (whole school)

PDF7.11.19 Pyjama Day for Children in Need (whole school)

PDF6.11.19 Choir Concert at RNCM

PDF4.11.19 Parental Support Service (whole school)

PDF4.11.19 Nursery Phonics & Reading Workshop

PDF4.11.19 ‘No Pens Day Wednesday’ (Nursery & Reception)



PDF25.10.19 Year 1 Phonics Workshop

PDF24.10.19 Year 1 Victorian Toy Workshop

PDF21.10.19 Library Visit for Nursery CHANGE OF DATE TO 21ST NOV 2019

PDF21.10.19 Wacky Woody Children’s Entertainer (Nursery)

PDFIndividual School Photographs

PDF17.10.19 Parents Evening- FS2LT

PDF17.10.19 Parents Evening- Reception, Year 1, Year 2 & Year 6

PDF17.10.19 Parents Evening- Nursery, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5

PDF16.10.19 Network Choir (Year 4)

PDF14.10.19 Year 2 Guy Fawkes Workshop

PDF14.10.19 Parent Pay Workshop (whole school)

PDF11.10.19 Year 6 Residential Trip 2020 (letter for current Year 5 pupils)

PDF11.10.19 Mornings in Year 1

PDF7.10.19 Chorlton & Didsbury Food Bank Collection

PDF4.10.19 Parental Engagement Person- Reception

PDF4.10.19 Parental Engagement Person- Nursery

PDF1.10.19 Year 1 Chorlton Walk

PDF1.10.19 Super Learning Science Week (Year 1-6)

PDF1.10.19 Nursery Stay and Play

PDF1.10.19 Cross Country Citywide Finals



PDF30.9.19 Tapestry Photo Permission

PDF30.9.19 Communications at Oswald Road (letter for Nursery and Reception parents only)

PDF25.9.19 Year 4 Science Club

PDF23.9.19 Reception Stay & Play and Phonics Workshop

PDF20.9.19 ‘Oktoberfest’ German-Market Themed Celebration Lunch- Nursery & KS2 (Nursery, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6)

PDF20.9.19 ‘Oktoberfest’ German-Market Themed Celebration Lunch- UFSM (Reception, Year 1, Year 2)

PDF20.9.19 Year 5-6 Mixed Netball Club

PDF19.9.19 Reading Volunteers (whole school)

PDF19.9.19 4AW Trip to Central Library

PDF17.9.19 Year 2 Visit to Chorlton Ees

PDF17.9.19 Reading Books (Reception)

PDFReading Tips for Reception Parents

PDFClass Assemblies- Autumn Term

PDF9.9.19 Year 5-6 Girls’ Football Club

PDF9.9.19 Year 2 – Chorlton Library

PDF9.9.19 Paperless Communications (EYFS)

PDF9.9.19 Paperless Communications (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Event (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 Marvellous Maths Afterschool Club (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 Manchester Schools Cross Country (Years 4-6)

PDF5.9.19 Change to End of Day Arrangements (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 Reception Baseline Assessment

PDF5.9.19 Trumpet Lessons (Years 4-6)

PDF5.9.19 After School Sports Clubs (Reception-Year 6)

PDF4.9.19 Swimming Parent Helpers Required (Year 4)

PDF4.9.19 Learning Support Drop-Ins (whole school)

PDF4.9.19 Permission to Walk Home Alone (Years 5 & 6)

PDF4.9.19 Swimming Letter (Year 4)

Academic Year 2018/19

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