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School Letters

Please find our school letters below, which have been archived according to the month they were sent out in.

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Academic Year 2018/19


PDF18.7.19 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Event (Years 1-6)

PDF12.7.19 Breakfast with Mrs Craven, Miss Millward, Miss Dyson

PDFWe Are Adventurers- Autumn Term

PDFMarvellous Maths Club- Autumn Term

PDFClubs Flyer Autumn Term 2019-20

My New Teacher- Andy Wheeldon

My New Teacher- Chelsey Daley

My New Teacher- Claire Cawley

My New Teacher- Hayley Craven

My New Teacher- Helen Savage

My New Teacher- Jen Beech

My New Teacher- Jocelin Bennett

My New Teacher- Joe Welsh

My New Teacher- Kat Rowe

My New Teacher- Kathryn Whalley Ben Halima

My New Teacher- Kelly King

My New Teacher- Leanne Eldridge

My New Teacher- Luke McDonagh

My New Teacher- Natalie Gomez

My New Teacher- Natalie Hickman

My New Teacher- Paul Salisbury

My New Teacher- Rachel Day

My New Teacher- Richard Farrow

My New Teacher- Sian Rice

My New Teacher- Wendy Gibson

PDFBikeability consent form (for current Year 4 children)

PDF8.7.19 Year 5 Bikeability (for current Year 4 children)

PDF4.7.19 Staffing Academic Year 2019-20

PDF3.7.19 Instrumental Lessons for 2019-20 (letter for current Years 2-5 children)

PDF4.7.19 Year 1 Pick Up Arrangements – September 2019 (letter for current Reception children)

PDF1.7.19 Yearbook



PDF28.6.19 Year 1 Class Teachers

PDF27.6.19 Year 1 Longford Park Visit

PDF27.6.19 Transition Days 2019

PDF21.6.19 6WG Performance Costumes

PDF19.6.19 Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Longford Park

PDF19.6.19 Year 6 Production & Leavers Assembly

PDF19.6.19 KS1&2 Sports Day 2019

PDF19.6.19 6KR Production Costumes and Props

PDF13.6.19 Reception & Nursery Sports Day

PDF13.6.19 Year 6 Trip to Cineworld

PDF13.6.19 British Values Day

PDF12.6.19 Permission for Class Photos

PDF7.6.19 Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) (click here for the corresponding document, outlining what is covered in each year group)

PDF7.6.19 Year 5 Poetry Recital

PDF7.6.19 Trip to Longford Park (Mrs Howard’s Year 2 group)

PDF7.6.19 Girls’ Football League Finals

PDFYear 2 Trip to Staircase House

PDF7.6.19 Evening Open Forum

PDF5.6.19 Year 4 Ordsall Hall Trip



PDF24.5.19 Oswald Road International Fair

PDF23.5.19 International Fair ‘Open Mic’

PDF23.5.19 After School Sports Clubs

PDF23.5.19 Year 5 Transition Visit to Chorlton High

PDFClass Assemblies- Summer Term

PDF20.5.19 Reception – Year 1 Transition Meeting

PDF20.5.19 Nursery Visit to the Ice Cream Parlour

PDF17.5.19 Year 3 ‘Ministry of Chocolate’ Workshop

PDF17.5.19 Spellings in Reception

PDF16.5.19 Eid Celebrations in School

PDF16.5.19 The Big Oswald Road Eid Picnic

PDF14.5.19 CHS South Taster Sessions

PDF14.5.19 Year 4 Trip to Manchester Museum

PDF8.5.19 Network Choir Showcase

PDF7.5.19 Fasting for Ramadan

PDF7.5.19 Reception Stay & Play

PDF2.5.19 Nursery Stay & Play

PDF2.5.19 Year 6 Trip to Formby Beach

PDF2.5.19 Year 6 SATs Revision Sessions


PDFPTA Laser Tag & Treasure Hunt Weekend

PDF30.4.19 Year 6 SATs Breakfast Club

PDF30.4.19 Seaside Picnic Themed Celebration Lunch- Nursery & KS2 (letter for Nursery, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6)

PDF30.4.19 Seaside Picnic Themed Celebration Lunch- UFSM (letter for Reception, Year 1, Year 2)

PDF26.4.19 Year 4 Trip to Lancashire Cricket Ground

PDF25.4.19 Manchester Day Parade

PDF23.4.19 3EW Visit to Chorlton High School

PDF23.4.19 Reception PE Kits

PDF23.4.19 Year 1 Dinosaur Experience

PDF4.4.19 Summer Showcase- Change of Dates

PDF4.4.19 After School Sports Clubs

PDF4.4.19 Nursery Closure for Polling


PDF29.3.19 Year 6 Visit to Crucial Crew

PDF28.3.19 Use of Playground Before & After School

PDF28.3.19 Reception Magical Circus Experience

PDF28.3.19 Staircase Design Competition

PDFMarvellous Maths Afterschool Club

PDFMacbeth Performance Letter

PDFRobinwood Meeting Presentation

PDFClubs Flyer Summer Term 2018-19

PDF21.3.19 Year 4 Local Study

PDF20.3.19 Wear a Hat Day

PDF20.3.19 Learning Support Drop-Ins

PDF20.3.19 Year 3 Trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters

PDF19.3.19 Parental Support Service

PDF19.3.19 Year 1 Morning Arrangements

PDF19.3.19 Nursery Stay & Play Easter Bonnet Parade

PDF18.3.19 Rainbow Flag Award

PDFYear 5 MOSI Trip

PDF18.3.19 Year 6 Trip to Leeds Royal Armouries

PDFHome Charter

PDF7.3.19 Evening Open Forum

PDF7.3.19 Mrs Walker’s Maternity Leave

PDF6.3.19 Parents Evening Logistics

PDF7.3.19 Network Choir Performance and Tour

PDF6.3.19 Red Nose Day (whole school)

PDF4.3.2019 Robinwood Trip Meeting (Year 5)

PDF1.3.19 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


PDF28.2.19 Nursery Trip to Smithills Farm

PDF28.2.19 Reception Stay & Play

PDF28.2.19 Nursery Stay & Play

PDF27.2.19 Parental Engagement Person- Nursery

PDF27.2.19 World Book Day

PDF27.2.19 Parent Pay Sign Up Deadline

PDF26.2.19 IMPORTANT- FS2FW Parents Evening

PDF26.2.19 Year 1 Trip to the Lowry

PDF25.2.19 Year 6 First Aid Training

PDF15.2.19 Year 2 SATs Parent Meeting

PDF13.2.19 Parents Evening- Nursery, Year 1, Year 3, Year 5

PDF13.2.19 Parents Evening- Reception, Year 2, Year 4, Year 6

PDF11.2.19 Year 5 Film Students at Longford Park

PDF8.2.19 Online Safety for Year 6 Pupils

PDF8.2.19 IMPORTANT- EYFS Spring Showcase

PDF8.2.19 Concerns about Robinwood Residential

PDF4.2.19 Rights Respecting Home Charter Meeting

PDF4.2.19 Spring Showcase


PDF28.1.19 Year 5 Rainforest Workshop

PDF28.1.19 Year 3 Visit to the Dewa Roman Experience

PDF24.1.19 Reception Stay & Play

PDF24.1.19 Nursery Stay & Play

PDF22.1.19 Year 4 Planned Enrichment Activities

PDF21.1.19 Pupil Premium Eligibility (Reception-Year 2)

PDF21.1.19 4AW Trip to Manchester Central Library

PDF21.1.19 1JD Croma, Movie and Ice Cream Treat

PDF18.1.19 Year 2 ‘Trash to Treasure’ Fashion Show

PDF14.1.19 Sensory Garden Design Competition

PDF15.1.19 Breakfast with Miss Jones & 1JJ Class Assembly

PDF14.1.19 1JJ Parents Evening

PDF10.1.19 Changes to Year 2 Trip

PDF9.1.18 Year 3 Portals to the Past Workshop

PDF9.1.19 LGBT Rainbow Dress Up Day

PDF8.1.19 British Street Party Celebration Lunch- Reception, Year 1, Year 2

PDF8.1.19 British Street Party Celebration Lunch- Nursery, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

PDF8.1.19 Staffing Changes in 1JJ

PDF8.1.19 Year 4 Portals to the Past Workshop

PDF8.1.19 Year 6 SATs Meeting


PDFNewsletter- Autumn 2

PDF20.12.18 Year 1 Castles Topic Launch Day

PDF18.12.18 Reception Transition Feedback

PDF18.12.18 Nursery Transition Feedback

PDF18.12.18 KS1 Lunchtime Arrangements (Year 1&2)

PDF18.12.18 KS1 Stay & Learn (Year 1&2)

PDFClass Assemblies- Spring Term

PDFClubs Flyer Spring Term 2018-19

PDF11.12.18 Parent Pay

PDF11.12.18 Year 3 Science Club

PDF11.12.18 After School Sports Clubs

PDF11.12.18 Year 2 Visit to Tatton Park

PDF10.12.18 Reception Chester Zoo Trip

PDF3.12.18 Learning Support Drop-Ins (whole school)

PDF4.12.18 Tall Tales and Short Stories (FREE adult education course)


PDF30.11.18 Year 5-6 Debate Club Trip

PDF30.11.18 Hits Radio- Mission Christmas Cash for Kids

PDF27.11.18 Christmas Performance Costumes (Year 1&2)

PDF26.11.18 Manchester United Tournament

PDF26.11.18 Robinwood Residential October 2019 (letter for current Year 5 children)

PDF26.11.18 Auction of Promises Games, Pop and Crisps Cafe – 1JD

PDF22.11.18 Year 6 Watching ‘Coraline’

PDFWinter Fair 2018- Week 3

PDF15.11.18 Christmas Dinner

PDF19.11.18 Auction of Promises- Bedtime Stories (Nursery)

PDF15.11.18 EYFS Maths Workshop

PDF14.11.18 Auction of Promises- 2KK

PDF14.11.18 Network Choir

PDF14.11.18 Auction of Promises Nail Bar Experience- 5LM

PDF14.11.18 Christmas Performances EYFS

PDF14.11.18 Christmas Performances Years 1-6

PDF13.11.18 Auction of Promises Pyjama Pamper Party- 5CC

PDF12.11.18 Evening Open Forum

PDFWinter Fair 2018- Week 2

PDF8.11.18 Year 3 Lantern Making Workshop & Parade

PDF7.11.18 Auction of Promises- 4BC

PDF7.11.18 Year 2 Author Event at Chorlton Library

PDF7.11.18 PTA Christmas Cards 2018

PDFWinter Fair 2018

PDF1.11.18 Nursery & Reception Stay & Play

PDF1.11.18 Choir Concert at RNCM


PDF29.10.18 Year 4 Modelling Club

PDFNewsletter Autumn 1

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 6

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 5

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 4

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 3

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 2

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 1

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- EYFS (Nursery & Reception)

PDF19.10.18 Tapestry is Launching (Nursery & Reception)

PDF18.10.18 Autumn Showcase (Years 3-6)

PDF17.10.18 Year 1 ‘Dance-a-thon’ for Children in Need

PDF16.10.18 Reception ‘Learning Street’ Workshop

PDF16.10.18 ‘Bad Hair Day’ for Children in Need

PDF16.10.18 Nursery Fund

PDF15.10.18 Year 3 Trip to the People’s History Museum

PDF15.10.18 KS1 Stay & Learn

PDF12.10.18 Drama Club- Years 4-6

PDF11.10.18 Cultural Diversity Celebration Day

PDF11.10.18 Library Visit for Nursery

PDF5.10.18 Cinderella Pantomime (Reception & Year 1)

PDF5.10.18 Year 2 Guy Fawkes Workshop

PDF5.10.18 Nursery Wacky Woody Performance

PDF4.10.18 Reception Parent Donation Fund

PDF3.10.18 EYFS Phonics & Early Reading Workshop (Nursery & Reception)

PDF3.10.18 Super Learning Science Week (Years 1-6)

PDF3.10.18 Reception Stay & Play – Phonics

PDF2.10.18 Cross Country Finals

PDF1.10.18 Year 6 Trip to the People’s History Museum


PDF28.9.18 Nursery Stay & Play – Phonics

PDF24.9.18 Pupil Premium & Free School Meals

PDFClass Assemblies- Autumn Term(Year 4 & 5)

PDF19.9.18 After School Sports Clubs

PDF24.9.18 Change to KS1 End of Day Arrangements

PDF24.9.18 Year 5 Portals to the Past Workshop

PDF24.9.18 Year 3 Explorer Dome Visit

PDF24.9.18 Year 5 Bikeability

PDF24.9.18 Year 1 Geography Walk

PDF20.9.18 Reading Volunteers

PDFCreative Skills for Parents – Adult Education Course

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- FS2SR

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- FS2NG

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- 4PS

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- Nursery

PDF13.9.18 Reading Books (Reception)

PDF17.9.18 Year 2 Visit to Chorlton Ees

PDF17.9.18 Year 5-6 Girls’ Football Club

PDF14.9.18 Tapestry Permission Slip

PDF13.9.18 Year 1 Phonics Workshop


PDF13.9.18 Year 5-6 Girls Netball Club

PDF12.9.18 Community Use of School Hall & Pitch

PDF11.9.18 Kingswood Colomendy Residential

PDF10.9.18 PE Kit (Year 1-6)

PDF12.9.18 Year 4 Swimming Info

PDF11.9.18 Year 4 Science Club

PDF11.9.18 Changes to Marking in Year 1

PDF7.9.18 Tapestry (Nursery & Reception)

PDF7.9.18 Changes to Marking in Year 6

PDFClubs Flyer AutumnTerm 2018-19

PDF6.9.18 Communications at Oswald Road- Reception

PDF6.9.18 Year 6 Residential Trip 2019 (letter for current Year 5 parents)

PDF5.9.18 Getting Home After School (Years 5&6)

PDF5.9.18 Learning Support Drop-Ins

PDF5.9.18 Manchester Schools Cross Country (Years 4-6)

PDF5.9.18 Swimming Parent Helper Required- 4PS


Academic Year 2017/18

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