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Parents Get to Grips with Numeracy

July 7, 2016 by Ellie Linton

A group of parents have just completed a ten-week numeracy course designed to help them understand how their children learn maths. The aim of the course is to give parents and carers more confidence when helping their children with their maths homework, by teaching them the techniques and terminology used in the classroom.

The next adult education course to be offered at the school will be an ICT course starting in September. Stay tuned for further details on how to sign up!


“It has helped me to engage better in helping my daughter to learn maths. It has given me the confidence to step back, let her explain what she is doing and then help her when she needs it because I understand the method she is using.”

“It has reminded me how much I love learning and that I would like to take some courses to improve my skills in other areas eg. IT, to improve my confidence and help with a possible future career change.”

“My kids know I am enthusiastic about my maths course, which I think they will mirror. I now regularly spend time revising maths with my kids and hope to keep them ahead of their syllabus for their year/class.”

“I got a lot of ideas how to interact with my daughter to encourage her to like school. I met parents and shared experience. It gave me the opportunity to find new approaches to interact with school and my daughter.”

“The children have loved the idea that mummy goes to school to learn things and this has made them far more cooperative than usual with homework. I understand what they are doing a bit better so can ask better questions about what they are learning.”