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Cocoa Crazy!

July 7, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Year 3 took part in a choco-licious workshop last week as part of their ‘Cocoa Crazy’ topic for this half term. During the workshop the children learned how chocolate is made, and where it originates from. Their choco-chef for the day, Oliver, also showed them the ingredients that are added to make chocolate products. The children then got hands-on, making their own t-shirts using white and milk chocolate, chocolate flowers and even chocolate lollies!#

Mrs Singh said: “The workshop was fantastic!  It was an amazing ‘hands on experience’ for the children, who were so excited from start to finish. Oliver was a very experienced chocolatier and the children loved his friendly and enthusiastic approach. He encouraged the children to get creative with the chocolate, which was great to see.”

“This was the best workshop in Year 3! My favourite part was when Oliver held up the moulds so we could see the designs we had created on the t-shirts.”

“I had lots of fun making the lollies. The chocolate was so yummy!”