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Choir Lyrics to “Nana Was A Suffragette” by Jules Gibb

January 20, 2016 by Ellie Linton

For their next performance, our school choir are learning “Nana Was A Suffragette” by Jules Gibb.

Here are the lyrics for our choir members to practise at home:

Oh you never knew my Nana, she died four years ago
She lived in that old folks home in Moss Side, you know,
I used to go on Sundays, sometimes took the kids
I was always so proud of what she did

Nana was a suffragette, almost the last alive
Nana was a suffragette, over ninety five
Singing “Votes for women, is just a beginning
You haven’t seen anything yet” –
Nana was a suffragette

When I was young I treasured an old photo of my Nan
Speaking to some workers from a clarion van
You wouldn’t think it of her, she looked so frail and ill
But on that day Nana emptied all the women from the mill

Nana was a suffragette never thought to fail
Nana was a suffragette, spent a night in jail

The proudest day in Nana’s life was when the vote was won
The papers said “It’s over!” but Nan had just begun
Her Women’s Committee went on to better things
And they challenged the Union, the Council and their wedding rings

Nana was a suffragette, only five foot tall
Nana was a suffragette, took on City Hall

Now here I’m standing with my college degree
And my own kids have more options than Nana could achieve
But if you think we’re satisfied, take a look around
There’s a lot of angry women, won’t let their nanas down

Nana was a suffragette, it’s as if she’s still alive,
Nana was a suffragette, their voices still survive

On and on and on, you can’t kill the spirit,
She is like a mountain, old and strong,
She goes on and on and on, you can’t kill the spirit