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British Values Day

July 11, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Last week we dedicated a whole day to celebrating British Values; democracy; rule of law; individual liberty; and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths. Activities ranged from an in class polling station, to a British street party style picnic in the playground. Here’s what the children had to say about the day…

“We learned that British Values day is a day when you should be especially kind to everyone. We had a vote in class to see who thought we should have school just for four days a week but for longer hours, and who thought we should just keep it as it is. Having school five days a week won!”- Elsie 1HC

“We learned that in the olden days and in some countries only men are allowed to vote. I think that’s wrong. My friend Ella brought in a book called ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World’, and Mrs Craven taught us about the sufferagettes and Emmeline Pankhurst, who chained herself to the railings to protest that women should be allowed to vote.”- Eloise 1HC

“When we did the polling in class I voted to keep school for five days a week because if the hours were longer then I wouldn’t get to go to any afterschool clubs! We learnt about Emmeline Pankhurst, who didn’t mind going to prison if it meant that women could have the right to vote.”- Elliot 1HC

“I liked that we got to eat a lot at the picnic. The custard creams were the best!”- Raphael 1HC

“We did voting in our class, and we made a traditional British Victoria sponge.”- Haiqa 2SH

“We made some British jam sandwiches. They were really good!”- Rumessa 2SH

“I liked when we played tennis. We made jam sandwiches- they were really tasty!”- Rayan 2SH

“I liked when we had the assembly about British Values. It was nice to have a whole day for it.”- Armaan 2SH

“I liked when we got to draw our own city and make our own rules for it. One of our rules was that people have to respect the rights of others.”- Evie 2JD

“I enjoyed learning about what the Queen does and why some people think she’s important and why some people think we don’t need a queen.”- Abigail 3SG

“We learned about what the government do. I learned that they make rules for people. We also learned all about voting.”- Ruth 3SG

“I learnt about the rule of law. I think people should stick to the rules. We made up our own rules, like not eating or drinking while you are driving.”- Azam 3SG

“We got to learn more about our country, like that we are a democracy, so we have the right to vote.”- Katie 6CK

“We learnt how important it is to have tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. This is something that we all do in school.”-Ismail 6CK

“One thing I learnt was that if the UK was made up of just 100 people, 75 of those people would support the monarchy.”- Luna 6CK

“We learnt about the rule of law and that everyone has to follow the law.”- Yusuf 6CK