Staff Appreciation Page: Bally Brennan

July 10, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Bally Brennan is a Senior Lunchtime Organiser, and has been working at Oswald Road since 2014. Here’s why we think she’s so fantastic…

“It is always a pleasure to watch Bally in action. She is so hands on, so organised and so good with the children. She really understands what makes a good lunchtime and tries really hard to make this happen. I find her such a positive influence and have always been impressed with how flexible she is and how keen she is to get stuck in. She’s a star!”- Deborah Howard, Headteacher

“Bally is a brilliant team player who is just as happy in the hall wiping tables as she is on the playing field organising the kids on the astroturf. She can clean the dining hall in ten minutes flat and loves inspiring the kids to help clean in creative ways.”- Rachel Cohen-Jackson, Strategic Lunchtime Organiser

“Bally has been working at the school since June 2014 as a lunchtime organiser. Last year she was promoted to the position of senior lunchtime organiser and she has stepped up to work as part of the team providing an enjoyable lunchtime provision for the children, plus supporting the LO’s in the team. She seems unflappable!”- Sarah Nicholls, School Business Manager

“I work with Bally in the dinner hall, she’s a very good worker. She delegates well, communicates well and is overall very helpful!”- Jacky Ball, Kitchen Manager

“I like Mrs Brennan, she’s really nice and friendly.”- Ava Griffiths 4SM

“Bally is always so pleasant, has a lovely smile, and she knows how to get things done!” Helen Wright, Office Manager

“Bally is a brilliant member of the team. She always takes time out to chat and get to know us teachers on a personal level. She’s amazing with the kids and a really proactive and positive role model for them. We are lucky to have her as a colleague.”- Jen Beech, Year 3/4 Phase Leader

“I have been working as a Lunchtime Organiser with Bally for three years and I really enjoy it. She’s outgoing and gets on with everyone” Chelly Singh, Lunchtime Organiser

“Bally is very confident and she’s a fast worker. She has made a real change to the school lunch times through the things she’s put in place.” Satnam Singh, Lunchtime Organiser

“She cleans up like magic, and she’s good at sorting things out.”- Darci-Mae Campbell 5CD

“She’s really fun because she tells good jokes”- Rosie Wolfe 5PS

“She childminds one of my cousins! She’s really nice, kind, friendly and funny.”- Mabel Hopkins-Howarth 5PS

“She’s fantastic and she helps us every day.”- Maria Kahn 5PS

“Mrs Brennan is really caring.”- Montel Smith 5PS