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Staff Appreciation Page: Amanda Clifton

October 13, 2017 by Ellie Linton

This month’s staff appreciation page is dedicated to our amazing Reprographics Assistant, Amanda Clifton. Here’s why we love her so much…

“She is a big help to the school because she prints off things and laminates things. She works very hard!” Evie Williams

“She’s always really helpful.” Charlie Pagan-Campbell

“She’s very supportive, she’s always telling us to keep up the good work when we are doing stuff for our house captain role.” Ammaarah Kholwadia

“She’s very cheerful and upbeat!” Keir Aberdein-Evans

“She gave up some of her lunchtime to have a house captain meeting with us.” Max Silvey

“Miss Clifton is always keen to help if there’s anything wrong.” Bibi Crawford-Johnson

“She challenges us in our house captain role so that we can do it.” Mandeep Singh

“Amanda is always positive and smiling, with a great sense of humour (and great hair!) We value her contribution to school life.” Helen Wright, Office Manager

“Amanda works tirelessly to make sure all the staff get the resources they need to get on with their job and make lessons visually stimulating.” Sarah Nicholls, School Business Manager

“Amanda always has a smile on her face and a joke to crack, even after I’ve sent her a million letters to print for the whole school! She’s also the queen of displays, which makes the school such a vibrant and pretty environment to work in!” Ellie Linton, Communications & Marketing Manager

“Amanda is just amazing. She is so supportive and helps me with everything. She knows I love a good display and she works so hard to keep our school looking gorgeous. I love the face she pulls when I’ve just finished my display walk wondering what on earth I now have decided I want up – but she always comes up with something that just brings our corridors to life for the children. Whenever I need something, Amanda is there and I am ever so grateful. I think you’re amazing.” Deborah Howard, Headteacher

“I don’t think Amanda has any idea of how many hours her role saves us from working at home. We now have that time to spend with our families which is amazing. Gone are the days now when myself and the other half are sitting at home cutting out laminating for hours. Her commitment and enthusiasm for working with our House Captains was such a joy to hear. The children are so lucky to have her supporting them.” Donna Wealleans, Assistant Headteacher

“A ray of sunshine in the Repro room. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Amanda. I don’t know what we’d do without her!” Kathryn Whalley Ben Halima, Year 3 Teacher