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Shout Out to Our Buddies!

January 31, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Here at Oswald Road, we really appreciate all the hard work done by our fantastic Lunchtime Buddies, so we thought it only right to give them a special shout out so that everyone knows the good that they do!

The Buddies system comprises of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. To be appointed as a Buddy the pupils must complete an application, which is then assessed by the Pastoral Team and daily duties are then formulated. The Buddies are on duty every lunchtime in the playground, and they are identifiable by wearing a yellow baseball cap. 
The buddies are available to support the younger children in the playground. They use their personal skills to advise, develop, boost confidence and generally guide the children in the right direction. 

We asked them what it means to be a buddy…

“When we buddy we smile and play with the younger children.”

“When we buddy we always look after people when they haven’t got anyone to play with.”

“When we buddy we play with children and make sure that everyone is included and no-one is upset.”

“When we buddy we listen to people’s problems and try to help.”

“When we buddy we help the younger children with coats and shoes, fastening zips and tying shoe laces.”

“When we buddy we help the children. We play the pirate game and make sure everyone feels safe and happy.”

“When we buddy we help the Lunchtime Organisers by sweeping the floor.”

“When we buddy we sweep the floor so it will be clean for the next PE lesson after lunch.”