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Rights Respecting Song

December 21, 2016 by Ellie Linton

Our amazingly talented Year 4s have put together a song to celebrate us being a Level 1 Rights Respecting School. It’s called ‘We’ve all got Rights’ and it’s ridiculously catchy!

If you fancy singing along, here are the lyrics:


Rights, it’s all about rights
I’ve got rights and you’ve got rights

Whether we are rich are or poor, we all have a right to be adored,
A right to live and right to play and not be harmed in any way,
A right to believe what we do and have somebody look after you,
A right to learn to learn and a right to think and to always have food and drink,


A right to be safe from harm and war and be protected by the law,
A right to be in bed at night and kept away from any fright,
We all have right to go to school so go each day, don’t be no fool,
A right to be all you can be, and pushed to make sure you succeed.



Whether you are black or white, girl or boy, you have the right,
To be friends with whomever you choose and not have anyone bully you,
Rights and responsibilities, designed to protect you and me,
Follow these rights and you’ll go far, so before we go can we get an ‘R’
Spells rights!