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Pupil Voice: Transition

September 28, 2017 by Ellie Linton

Now that the children have had a chance to settle into their new classes, we asked them about how they found the transition from one year group to another…

“I feel happy at Nursery. Teachers make me happy.”

“I feel settled because I’ve made a few more friends.”
“The work’s harder, but it’s still fun and we get a bigger playground and there’s more people to see.”
“At first I felt a bit nervous but now I feel fine.”
“On transition day I felt scared but the activities helped me.”
“When I’m feeling worried the teacher gives me a smile.”
“The teacher found out what I liked and put pictures up to make me feel welcome.”
“The first day I was feeling nervous but the second day I was feeling good.”
“I know the teacher and routines now so I feel ok.”
“I was sort of excited about the changes but nervous about the work and new teacher.”
“The new door makes me feel special.”

“My teacher is so kind and helpful. I tell the teacher if I have a problem, because she’s told us not to keep it inside.”

“It is scary being in Year 6 but I know I can do it. Miss Gibson has told us not to suffer in silence and that we should share our worries. If I have a problem I talk to Miss Gibson and other adults we trust in school.”
“The transition time we had in summer and visits from our old teacher have helped us. We have a bubble box in our classroom to make us feel welcome.” 
“Miss Rowe helps us by telling us exactly what we are doing, she has been fab in transition.” 
“People are so friendly, which has helped in transition. Miss Gomez is so kind and welcoming- she has a great way of teaching.”
“The teachers are so kind and they are not rushing us into the hard stuff.”
“Our new teacher makes us feel welcome because she lets us make mistakes and moves on. I feel very settled and I love my new class.”
“Our new teacher lets us sit next to people who will help us. I feel really settled, it’s a new beginning.” 
“Mr Salisbury gives us extra time to talk to each other and choose our tables.” 
“You can tell that Mrs Salisbury wants to get to know us because he plays fun games to get to know us. I feel settled and happy. Mr Salisbury is funny.” 
“We had great transition days. I liked the whole day. Miss Davis is kind. If we don’t understand she really helps us, she is great at explaining maths. I feel settled. I find the start of the year so exciting!”
“We do great maths in Year 5. Miss Davis makes us feel welcome because she smiles every day. She helps us, I have improved a lot!.”
“The Reception children invited me to a ‘tea party’ in their new classroom, where three children cut me cake, poured me tea and then went to the mini beasts area and put spiders on my hand and a beetle on my head (with big massive smiles on their faces!) I knew they were feeling happy, settled and confident.”- Mrs Howard