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School Letters

Please find our school letters below, which have been archived according to the month they were sent out in.

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Academic Year 2019/20


PDF14.10.19 Year 2 Guy Fawkes Workshop

PDF14.10.19 Parent Pay Workshop (whole school)

PDF11.10.19 Year 6 Residential Trip 2020 (letter for current Year 5 pupils)

PDF11.10.19 Mornings in Year 1

PDF7.10.19 Chorlton & Didsbury Food Bank Collection

PDF4.10.19 Parental Engagement Person- Reception

PDF4.10.19 Parental Engagement Person- Nursery

PDF1.10.19 Year 1 Chorlton Walk

PDF1.10.19 Super Learning Science Week (Year 1-6)

PDF1.10.19 Nursery Stay and Play

PDF1.10.19 Cross Country Citywide Finals



PDF30.9.19 Tapestry Photo Permission

PDF30.9.19 Communications at Oswald Road (letter for Nursery and Reception parents only)

PDF25.9.19 Year 4 Science Club

PDF23.9.19 Reception Stay & Play and Phonics Workshop

PDF20.9.19 ‘Oktoberfest’ German-Market Themed Celebration Lunch- Nursery & KS2 (Nursery, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6)

PDF20.9.19 ‘Oktoberfest’ German-Market Themed Celebration Lunch- UFSM (Reception, Year 1, Year 2)

PDF20.9.19 Year 5-6 Mixed Netball Club

PDF19.9.19 Reading Volunteers (whole school)

PDF19.9.19 4AW Trip to Central Library

PDF17.9.19 Year 2 Visit to Chorlton Ees

PDF17.9.19 Reading Books (Reception)

PDFReading Tips for Reception Parents

PDFClass Assemblies- Autumn Term

PDF9.9.19 Year 5-6 Girls’ Football Club

PDF9.9.19 Year 2 – Chorlton Library

PDF9.9.19 Paperless Communications (EYFS)

PDF9.9.19 Paperless Communications (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Event (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 Marvellous Maths Afterschool Club (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 Manchester Schools Cross Country (Years 4-6)

PDF5.9.19 Change to End of Day Arrangements (Years 1-6)

PDF5.9.19 Reception Baseline Assessment

PDF5.9.19 Trumpet Lessons (Years 4-6)

PDF5.9.19 After School Sports Clubs (Reception-Year 6)

PDF4.9.19 Swimming Parent Helpers Required (Year 4)

PDF4.9.19 Learning Support Drop-Ins (whole school)

PDF4.9.19 Permission to Walk Home Alone (Years 5 & 6)

PDF4.9.19 Swimming Letter (Year 4)

Academic Year 2018/19

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