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Please find our school letters below, which have been archived according to the month they were sent out in.

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Academic Year 2018/19


PDFNewsletter Autumn 1

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 6

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 5

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 4

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 3

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 2

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- Year 1

PDF19.10.18 Parents Evening- EYFS (Nursery & Reception)

PDF19.10.18 Tapestry is Launching (Nursery & Reception)

PDF18.10.18 Autumn Showcase (Years 3-6)

PDF17.10.18 Year 1 ‘Dance-a-thon’ for Children in Need

PDF16.10.18 Reception ‘Learning Street’ Workshop

PDF16.10.18 ‘Bad Hair Day’ for Children in Need

PDF16.10.18 Nursery Fund

PDF15.10.18 Year 3 Trip to the People’s History Museum

PDF15.10.18 KS1 Stay & Learn

PDF12.10.18 Drama Club- Years 4-6

PDF11.10.18 Cultural Diversity Celebration Day

PDF11.10.18 Library Visit for Nursery

PDF5.10.18 Cinderella Pantomime (Reception & Year 1)

PDF5.10.18 Year 2 Guy Fawkes Workshop

PDF5.10.18 Nursery Wacky Woody Performance

PDF4.10.18 Reception Parent Donation Fund

PDF3.10.18 EYFS Phonics & Early Reading Workshop (Nursery & Reception)

PDF3.10.18 Super Learning Science Week (Years 1-6)

PDF3.10.18 Reception Stay & Play – Phonics

PDF2.10.18 Cross Country Finals

PDF1.10.18 Year 6 Trip to the People’s History Museum


PDF28.9.18 Nursery Stay & Play – Phonics

PDF24.9.18 Pupil Premium & Free School Meals

PDFClass Assemblies- Autumn Term(Year 4 & 5)

PDF19.9.18 After School Sports Clubs

PDF24.9.18 Change to KS1 End of Day Arrangements

PDF24.9.18 Year 5 Portals to the Past Workshop

PDF24.9.18 Year 3 Explorer Dome Visit

PDF24.9.18 Year 5 Bikeability

PDF24.9.18 Year 1 Geography Walk

PDF20.9.18 Reading Volunteers

PDFCreative Skills for Parents – Adult Education Course

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- FS2SR

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- FS2NG

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- 4PS

PDF19.9.18 Parental Engagement Person- Nursery

PDF13.9.18 Reading Books (Reception)

PDF17.9.18 Year 2 Visit to Chorlton Ees

PDF17.9.18 Year 5-6 Girls’ Football Club

PDF14.9.18 Tapestry Permission Slip

PDF13.9.18 Year 1 Phonics Workshop


PDF13.9.18 Year 5-6 Girls Netball Club

PDF12.9.18 Community Use of School Hall & Pitch

PDF11.9.18 Kingswood Colomendy Residential

PDF10.9.18 PE Kit (Year 1-6)

PDF12.9.18 Year 4 Swimming Info

PDF11.9.18 Year 4 Science Club

PDF11.9.18 Changes to Marking in Year 1

PDF7.9.18 Tapestry (Nursery & Reception)

PDF7.9.18 Changes to Marking in Year 6

PDFClubs Flyer AutumnTerm 2018-19

PDF6.9.18 Communications at Oswald Road- Reception

PDF6.9.18 Year 6 Residential Trip 2019 (letter for current Year 5 parents)

PDF5.9.18 Getting Home After School (Years 5&6)

PDF5.9.18 Learning Support Drop-Ins

PDF5.9.18 Manchester Schools Cross Country (Years 4-6)

PDF5.9.18 Swimming Parent Helper Required- 4PS


Academic Year 2017/18

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