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Cyber Safety at Home

Click here to read our PDFParent/Carer Acceptable Use Policy

Children are taught about Internet safety as they progress through our school, but it is also important that parents and carers are fully aware of the how your child uses the internet. Up to date information and activities for parents and students can be found on the ‘Thinkuknow’ website by clicking here.

We advise parents to follow these top tips for ensuring your child safety when using the internet:

You may also find this link useful, and some more below:

Bullying UK – Cyber Bullying
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Childnet (Know It All)
DirectGov : Click Clever, Click Safe
Get Safe Online
OFCOM – Advice for Parents
ThinkUKnow (Hector’s World)

Click here to view to the Department of Education Advice for Parents and Carers on Cyber Bullying.