Parental Engagement Person (PEPs)

Earlier in the academic year we recruited parent representatives for each class to help us promote parent engagement with school events across our community. The PEPs (Parental Engagement Person) for each class are:

Nursery- Rina Sher (Zoe’s mum) and James Cooke (Seb’s dad)

FS2FW- Hannah Larsen Fletcher (Camilla’s mum)

FS2SR- Anne Simonin (Lucas Clarke’s mum)

FS2NG- Catherine Peacock (Arthur’s mum) and Sophia McKenzie James (Martha’s mum)

1SE- Kate Pieroni Campbell (Luca Campbell’s mum)

1JJ- Myriam Joly (Clara’s mum)

1HC- Judith Foxton (Isabella’s mum)

2SH- Asma Khan (Alyaan & Shayaan’s mum)

2LT- Dianna Taylor (Elise’s mum)

2JD- Rachel ter Horst (Eva’s mum) and Magdalena Haener (Sofia’s mum)

3KG- Maria and Gaynor Armstrong (Isaac’s mums)

3CM- Toni Pemberton (Eve’s mum)

3KB- Christos Papageorgiou (Christina’s dad)

4MQ- Sharon Robinson (Euan’s mum)

4LM- Leila Ayub (Muhammed’s mum)

4SM- Kate Cocker (Connie’s mum)

5CC- Michelle Dennell (Madison’s mum)

5CD- Eddy Cantor (Daniel Ormsby’s step dad)

5PS- Géraldine Garrabet (Juliette’s mum)

6KR- Rasheeda Kholwadia (Ammaarah’s mum)

6WG- Helen Manning (Lily Gleeson’s mum)

6NG- Lesley Mullen (Kevin’s mum)

One of the initiatives that we set up as a result of meetings with the PEPs was the creation of Facebook groups for all the parents/carers in each year group. These groups serve as an online community space for parents and carers of children at Oswald Road, allowing parents to communicate and socialise with each other regardless of their working hours. The groups are administrated by the school’s Communications Manager (Ellie Linton) so that any questions relating to school events can be answered. If you have not yet joined the group for your child’s yeargroup, please click on the relevant link below and click ‘Join’:
The PEPs from each yeargroup have been asked to try and organise an inclusive social event that all parents can attend with their children at some point this term. Although they will be using Facebook to promote these events, we understand that many parents choose not to use social media, so we will ensure that we also email out the details of any social events to all parents within that particular yeargroup. 

Meeting Minutes

PDFPEP Meeting Minutes- 17th May 2017

PDFPEP Meeting Minutes- 5th May 2017

PDFPEP Meeting Minutes- 1st March 2017

PDFPEP Meeting Minutes- 12th October 2016

PDFPEP Meeting Minutes- 30th June 2016